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Sat NFT and Richie Mason launch Lone Legends on Rarible

Today Sentient Labs is proud to release “Brotherhood”, the first piece in a brand new collection of sculptures from Richie Mason.

Only 35 copies of Brotherhood were minted. Each will be available on Rarible for 0.075 ETH starting at Noon PST on April 15, 2021.

The Lone Legends collection features a series of sculptures by Richie Mason. Each highlighting a defining moment in a characters life. The entire collection will all be available on Rarible through Sentient Labs.

Purchase ‘Brotherhood‘ on Rarible.

Richie will be doing an artist AMA on our discord channel starting 15 minutes before the drop at 11:45 AM PST. Be sure to stop by and ask your questions before heading over to Rarible.

About Richie Mason

Richie is a self taught 3D artist from the UK. He’s been using ZBrush for 8 years and has worked for several game studios and 3D magazines. His other work can be viewed on Art Station and Foundation.

About Sentient Labs

Sentient Labs is a curation and consulting firm focused on the NFT space. We were founded with the explicit mission to discover new talent and help artists and brands launch and market their work in an increasing complex landscape.

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