Sentient Labs

Sentient Labs MultiPass

Your key to community and NFT signal tools.


The Sentient Labs MultiPass is your key to access the Sentient Labs community on Discord and NFT insight tools.


Sentient Labs MultiPass


Contract: on Polyscan

Official Collection: on OpenSea

Gen 1 MultiPass Mint Count: 750

Creator Royalties: 2.5%

Blockchain: Polygon

General Questions

Initially the primary function of the MultiPass will be exclusive access into the Gleaming the Cube (🧊gleaming-the-cube-nft-chat) channel on our Discord server. Gleaming the Cube is the primary channel when our community of degens uncover alpha about existing and emerging NFT projects on a daily basis. Following the MultiPass Private and Public sale events the Gleaming the Cube channel will be closed to anyone without a MultiPass. Additional benefits for MultiPass holders may be found in the full MultiPass project roadmap as shared on our Discord.

There are a total of 530 MultiPasses available for purchase through this whitelist sale.

The first 75 MultiPasses offered in the public sale will cost 0.1 ETH (on Polygon). The price will raise by .05 ETH for each 75 MultiPasses offered thereafter.

We did extensive research (community and competitive) and that is the starting price point that seems to be the right balance of value to benefit.

To date everything has been bootstrapped by our team, which isn’t always the most efficient way to grow quickly. And we know that speed in the NFT space is paramount. Funds raised through sales of the MultiPass will enable us quickly develop and improve on our strong community centric toolset while providing consistent high quality content and intelligence on the NFT space.

We are targeting December 15, 2021, pending finalizing the artwork.

Yes there was. The whitelist was open until Thursday, September 30 at Noon EST. You had to be a Verified member of our Discord server to participate.

The MultiPass will be deployed on the Polygon network.

Sort of. You must gain the Verified role prior to the end of the MultiPass Private Sale whitelist (Sept. 30, 2021 at Noon EST) and then hold it at least through the private sale date. For example, a brand new server member as of Sept. 29th could still add themselves to the MultiPass Private Sale Whitelist.

No. Our goal is to ensure as many Verified server members as possible are able to purchase at least one (1) MultiPass, if they wish, through this event. We reserve the right to reduce the number of MultiPasses requested through the Private Sale Whitelist to achieve this goal. At the moment there are 336 Verified members which means there are approximately 1.5 MultiPasses available per member. However, not every Verified member may desire to purchase one or multiple MultiPass(es) so we are offering the opportunity to request the ability to purchase up to 5 MultiPasses.

Please use the 💬key-prelaunch-discussion channel on our Discord server to ask questions.

Questions about the free MultiPass Offer

Our original and longest standing server members, designated by the Cube Qualified role on Discord, qualified for one free MultiPass to reward their loyalty, commitment, and contributions to our growing community.

If you have the Cube Qualified role on your profile you qualify, as long as you stay in the server and maintain that role through the Community Distribution date!

Yes, of course! You only need one MultiPass for membership, but we understand that long-term members of our community may wish to gift one to a friend or speculate on the future price. Cube Qualified members MAY ALSO add themselves to the Private Sale Whitelist and/or purchase additional MultiPass(es) during the Public Sale event or from the secondary market. This is in addition to the one (1) free MultiPass that Cube Qualified members qualify for as long as they A) fill out the prequalified form referenced in the key-community-distribution-list channel and; B) maintain their Cube Qualified role through the Community Distribution event.