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Sentient Labs Announces Partnership with MechArcade

We are pleased to announce that we’ve reached a partnership agreement with MechArcade to bring some really fun giveaways to our MultiPass holders!

Giveaway Details

We will be giving away 30 MechArcade whitelist spots using the general-raffle channel on the Sentient Labs Discord server.

In order to enter and win the raffle, Sentient Labs member must:

  • Hold the MultiPass Allowlist role
  • Join the MechArcade Discord prior to the end of the raffle
  • Click on the 🎉 icon in the MechArcade Whitelist Raffle within the 48 hour raffle window starting at 10 AM EST

About MechArcade

The genesis Mechs of the MechArcade are 10,000 giant mechanical robots. Each mech is a unique 3D champion rendered from a combination of over 160 different properties including battle ready builds, slick paint designs, and handheld items with game mechanic traits and stats. With a community-first approach, MechArcade will be establishing a community-directed treasury seeded with funds from the first 10% Mechs sold (80 ETH) along with an additional 10% of proceeds after sell-out and 66% of secondary sales. MechArcade will also be donating ~20 ETH to our artist-selected charities, Take This Inc. and Rainforest Foundation US.

The Genesis Mechs are built with a focus on interoperability and gaming. Holders will be given full ownership and access to their Mech’s files that can be imported across a variety of game engines and Metaverses. In addition, MechArcade will be introducing new tokenomics with BOLT$ that can be used for upgrades, blueprints, and buildings for custom Mech creations. After releasing single player games and puzzles for Mech Owners to earn BOLT$, MechArcade will aim to release a multiplayer PVP battle system built on top of the MechArcade game assets along with a Guild Lending Program.

Mint Details

Whitelist Mint: January 18, 2022
Waitlist Mint: January 19, 2022
Public Sale: January 20, 2022

Mint: 10,000 NFTs at 0.08 ETH



The Fine Print

Sentient Labs team members are not taking payment for this cross promotional partnership. It is purely a MultiPass holder benefit opportunity.

This partnership does not constitute explicit endorsement of MechArcade by Sentient Labs, nor does it act as financial advice of any kind. Sentient Labs has not audited the MechArcade’s contract. Always do your own research and due diligence into any project as there are may be risks associate with any project.

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