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The phrase Sicul Harp originated on the NFT Sports discord server during the heyday of NBA Top Shot.

It all came about when a trivia game on the server used the anagram of a player’s name question as the answer to a giveaway. The correct answer was ‘Chris Paul’, however one member quickly typed ‘Sicul Harp’.

Within minutes people were referring to Chris Paul within the NBA Top Shot channels as Sicul Harp, and answering other trivia questions they didn’t know the correct answer to with those words. Over time the lore has eclipsed the origin, with newer community members using the phrase but unaware of where it all started.

One of our NFT Sports ZED Run stable master’s named one of our bred Z8 Elite Nakamoto’s ‘Sicul Harp’ in honor of this incredible part of NFT Sports history.


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