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Player Name: Desmond Bane
Team: Memphis Grizzlies
Years Pro: 1
Draft: 2020, First Round #30
Number of Top Shot Moments: 2

Fun Fact: Bane was raised by his great-grandparents and he credits a big chunk of his success to them.

This is #9 in a series where I will highlight some of the best young players in the NBA to add to your Top Shot collection who you might not have heard much about. No, I’m not talking about your Lebrons, your Lukas, or your Currys, I’m talking about emerging stars whose popularity should only continue to rise in the years to come.

Desmond Bane is a 6’5 shooting guard from TCU where he played 4 years. Many teams passed on Desmond Bane due to the emphasis placed on one—and-done players.

Bane averaged 9 points on 46.9% from the field. Where he really shines though is from behind the arc. Shooting 43.2% on 4 attempts a game as a rookie, it’s clear to see why he’ll be valuable for years to come.

Bane’s defense is another decently bright spot. He’s no lockdown defender, but he’s not a negative on the defensive end. He had a defensive win share of 1.3, which is impressive for a rookie. Despite being a rookie, he’s older than some players who have been in the league for 3 years, so that could be part of it.

My favorite Bane moment on NBA Top Shot is his athletic layup versus the Charlotte Hornets. It was an incredible layup that shows flashes of Bane that hints at a player who can do more than just hit threes, but also use his speed on the fast-break.

The play I’d love to see added to Top Shot would have to be his monstrous dunk against the Warriors to seal off the victory in the Play-In game. Not only was it a great dunk, but it punched the Grizzlies’ ticket to the playoffs against an absolutely on fire Stephen Curry. #NBATopShotThis indeed!


Desmond Bane has the tools to be a long lasting player in the NBA. If he can work on his swiftness and off the dribble shooting, he could be a real star in the league. However, even if he never quite develops anything other than his shot and defense, he should still be able to solidify himself as solid starter.

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