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How Much Are ZED Run Horses on The Secondary Market?

The number one most asked question when buying or selling horses in the secondary market is probably, “How much should it be?” There is no one answer to this, as the price range can be dictated by a variety of factors like Bloodline (Buterin, Finney, Nakamoto, Szabo), Breed type (Genesis, Legendary, Exclusive, Elite, Cross), Coat Color (Super, Rare, Common), Gender (Colt, Filly, Mare, Stallion), Genotype (Z1-Z10),  Number of Races (Raced, Unraced) and Win Percentage (0-100%). There are also some traits that cannot be easily filtered for, such as the horse’s lineage. Although knowing the right price to buy or sell can be daunting, there are some tools that can help buyers and sellers make informed decisions. Here, we’ll focus on Zed-nucleus.

Zed-nucleus is one of my most favorite Zed Run sites. It aggregates sales and racehorse information in one website, which makes it easy to search horses and know floor prices. In Zed Nucleus, you can filter for horses, view active listings, and view recent sales. Let’s explore:

Viewing Active Listings

If you are in the market for Genesis Z10 unraced racehorses, you can view the active listings for those by filtering for those attributes using the drop-down menus.

Zed Nucleus Active Listings

Here, you can see that I filtered for Buterin – Genesis – Z10 – 0 race horses, and sorted the price by lowest to highest. From this view, I can immediately tell that the floor price is at 0.338 for a Colt and 0.35 for a Filly. I can also see the color of the horses, their names, a link to the horse on Zed Run (by clicking on the name), and a link to the listing in OpenSea (by clicking on the Listing Time/Link).

Viewing Latest Sales

You can also look at the latest sales to see whether horses are selling, and at what price. For example, if you are interested in seeing how much the Z10-unraced-Genesis horses are selling for, you can filter by those attributes in the drop-down menu and sort by Sales Date/Time to get the latest sales.

Zed Nucleus Recent Sales

Here, you can see that unraced Z10 genesis Colt and Fillys have had a lot of sales just today, and that the prices ranged from .11 to .356. If I were a buyer, I would definitely keep an eye out on prices, as it seems like there may be some sellers that are selling below floor price. It may be hard to snipe them, but it can be worth a try.

I hope learning this tool helps you purchase or price a horse! Happy deal-hunting!

Note: It is important to always view the horse in Zed Run to ensure you have the right metadata (# of races, win rate, etc) for the horse. Sometimes, metadata in third-party sites such as Zed-nucleus and OpenSea are incorrect or outdated. To read more about cautions to take when buying on the secondary market, read this article.

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