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Sentient Labs Announces Partnership with Sprite Club

We are pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Sprite Club to bring whitelist mint spots to our MultiPass holders!


We will be conducting giveaways starting this weekend for whitelist spots for Sprite Club.

  • 200 Whitelist spots (each spot good for 2 mints)

In order to win a whitelist spot, Sentient Labs members must:

  • Join the Sprite Club Discord
  • Not already have a Sprite Club whitelist spot (aka have the Spriteling or Elder Sprites roles, sorry no stacking allowed)

About Sprite Club

Sprites are a collection of 7,777 randomly generated NFTs, composed from hundreds of hand-drawn traits.

The Sprites are split into 5 classes: Adventurer, Warrior, Mystic, Muse & Dark Sprites.

During a choose your own adventure style minting process, minters will be faced with a variety of obstacles and challenges, where 5 different options represent the 5 different choices each class would be likely to make in that scenario. Each class of Sprite has different personality traits, thus your Sprite will be a representation of your personality!

Mint date: Targeted for late January
Mint count: 7,777

Discord: Will be opened for whitelist spot winners
White Paper:


The Fine Print

Sentient Labs team members are not taking payment for this cross promotional partnership. It is purely a MultiPass holder benefit opportunity.

This partnership does not constitute explicit endorsement of Sprite Club by Sentient Labs, nor does it act as financial advice of any kind. Sentient Labs has not audited the Sprite Club contract. Always do your own research and due diligence into any project as there are may be risks associate with any project.

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