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Sentient Labs Announces Partnership with Pieland

We are pleased to announce that we’re partnering with Pieland to bring whitelist mint spots to our MultiPass holders, and our MultiPasses to a wider audience!


1️⃣ Sentient Labs will be conducting giveaways starting this weekend for some whitelist spots for Pieland.

2️⃣ Pieland is running a Twitter giveaway for three Sentient Labs MultiPasses (

In order to win a whitelist spot, Sentient Labs members must:

  • Join the Pieland Discord
  • Not already have a Pieland whitelist spot (sorry no stacking allowed)

About Pieland

Pieland is a home-baked NFT project, creating a world that is just the right mixture of silly and serious. Our Octopies are our first collection on the Ethereum blockchain, and the key to entering Pieland. Our team has been working day and night to bake our Pies just right, and we’ve built a wonderful community of Pieple supporting us and who we love from filling to crust.

Mint date: TBA by their team

Website: Coming soon




The Fine Print

Sentient Labs team members are not taking payment for this cross promotional partnership. It is purely a MultiPass holder benefit opportunity. This partnership does not constitute explicit endorsement of Pieland by Sentient Labs, nor does it act as financial advice of any kind. Sentient Labs has not audited the Pieland contract. Always do your own research and due diligence into any project as there are may be risks associate with any project.

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