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Sentient Labs Announces Partnership with Doodle Rooms

Partnering with Doodle Rooms

We are pleased to announce that we’ve reached an agreement with Doodle Rooms to bring some really fun giveaways to our MultiPass holders!

Exclusive Event:

Event: Sentient Labs Inside Look: Project Interview and AMA
Date: Tuesday, January 11, 2022
Time: 11AM EST
Place: Sentient Labs Discord Stage


Following the event listed above we will be conducting giveaways for the following things. More details to be announced soon about the distribution method.

  • 50 Whitelist spots
  • 3 Doodle Rooms

About Doodle Rooms

“Doodle Rooms is a series of 9999 carefully curated spaces in the form of rooms. Holding a Doodle Room will give you access to the Doodle Room ecosystem that will include an airdrop of the actual 3D version of the room that you hold. This 3D version will be a part of a tower on DECENTRALAND on the Doodle estate.” – Doodle Rooms website

“Imagine arriving at the Doodle Tower, taking the elevator, and arriving at your floor. You look around and then navigate to your front door, enter, and start exploring your room in Virtual Reality (VR).

The possibilities for your room are endless. You could connect your wallet to the NFT Frames in your rooms and display your favorite NFTs. If you don’t have a frame already in your room, you could purchase one from the Doodle Rooms Marketplace. The utility token $rooms may be used to purchase assets from the official Marketplace. The longer you hold your Doodle Rooms, the more $rooms utility token you will earn.

Imagine inviting your friends to your room, or clients to your storefront. Attaching affiliate links to items in your room and encouraging visitors to interact with the items which would take them to the associated website, potentially earning you a commission on sales.” — Doodle Rooms Team


The Fine Print

Sentient Labs team members are not taking payment for this cross promotional partnership. It is purely a MultiPass holder benefit opportunity.

Doodle Rooms is giving us 5 Doodle Rooms in total. Three will be given away to the community and the other two will be used as follows; 1 for a Sentient Labs room in the Tower (ideally using your MultiPass to gain entry like in a club), and 1 will go into the portfolio of Fun-d.

This partnership does not constitute explicit endorsement of Doodle Rooms by Sentient Labs, nor does it act as financial advice of any kind. Sentient Labs has not audited the Doodle Rooms contract. Always do your own research and due diligence into any project as there are may be risks associate with any project.

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