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It’s officially the off season! Congrats to the the Milwaukee Bucks for winning it all this year. While we watch Olympics basketball, one of our moderator’s (Mick) favorite NBA events is coming up: the NBA Draft.

On draft night, it is all hopes and dreams. Teams select their future stars, role players, and busts. It’s an exciting night for the young players whose lives and families will forever change, fans who get to see a glimpse into the future of the league, and teams who have heavy decisions to make.

In celebration of the draft night, we are holding an NBA Draft giveaway contest!

The NFT world is a lot like draft night. There are a lot of promising options and you can do all the scouting and research you want prior to making a decision but, in the end, there’s no guarantee about what you will end up with.

So in celebration of making good decisions and advanced scouting, we’ll have a little contest based around the lottery picks in the draft where you need to choose the draft order.

The Rules:

  1. Select your Draft Board (link available on our Discord channel)
  2. You need to correctly pick the top 15 (lottery) draft selectees
  3. There are 60 potential names to choose from
  4. You get 1 point per correct prediction
  5. Whoever has the most points wins
  6. In the event of a tie, there will be a trivia showdown
  7. Submissions must be submitted by Thursday, July 29 at 6 PM ET
  8. Must be following NFT Sports on Twitter and a member of the NFT Sports Discord

The Prize

One (1) ZED Run Z8 Elite Nakamoto named Sicul HarpSee the horse here:

A Little More Background

Wondering where the horse’s name came from? You can read more about the origins of that name in our dictionary of terms entry for Sicul Harp.

Learn more about ZED Run.

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