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NBA Top Shot Player Spotlight: Immanuel Quickly

Player Name: Immanuel Quickly
Team: New York Knicks
Years Pro: 1
Draft: 2020, First Round #25
Number of Top Shot Moments: 4

Fun Fact: Quickley didn’t start gaining attention until his high school sophomore season in 2015-16, but was then selected to the U-19 US national team that earned a bronze medal in 2017.

This is #8 in a series where I will highlight some of the best young players in the NBA to add to your Top Shot collection who you might not have heard much about. No, I’m not talking about your Lebrons, your Lukas, or your Currys, I’m talking about emerging stars whose popularity should only continue to rise in the years to come.

Immanuel Quickley of the New York Knicks is a PG/SG who averaged 11.4 points this year. He was just a rookie, and he was on the most competitive roster the Knicks have seen since the JR Smith, Carmelo days.

Quickley didn’t shoot great from the field this season, only 39.5% on 9 shots a game. However, this was only his rookie season so there was bound to be some growing pains. What was impressive was that, despite shooting so poorly from the field overall, he was very effective on threes, shooting 38.9% on 4.7 attempts per game. If he can continue to grow as a shooter, he’ll be a deadly weapon in the near future.

Another good indication of Quickley’s shooting is his free-throws. He shot 89.1% from the line this season, a very high percentage for a rookie. This just goes to show how solid of a shooter he is already.

My favorite Quickley moment is his Summer League three point shot against the Pacers. Not only was it a great shot, but it really showcases Quickley’s tight handles, which he used to get rid of his defender completely.

The play I’d be most excited to see put on Top Shot would have to be his super deep three pointer in the first round of the playoffs against the Hawks in Madison Square Garden. It was a great shot that highlights his impressive range, and got the crowd in New York going wild. It is certainly #NBATopShotThis worthy.

Immanuel Quickley has a lot going for him coming off of an impressive rookie season, is already a fan favorite in the Big Apple, and should only continue to get better from here.

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