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Echo Drop, Breeding, and Million Dollar Drop Updates

On July 14, Zed Run sent an email out to its anticipating users which contains a link to a new blog titled Special News Updates. The blog contains three main points: Echo Drop, Breeding, and Million Dollar Drop Updates. Here’s what you need to know:

Echo Drop

Zed Run initiated the Echo Drop last Friday, June 11th. The drop was supposed to happen in four waves, with 15 minutes between each interval. Wave 1 started at 5:00pm PT. Due to excessive load and “unprecedented” amount of traffic, some users were unable to purchase horses due to website issues. Additionally, for those who were successfully able to join the drop, the 10-minute timer which was supposed to start only after buying one horse started even before users were able to buy a horse. Not everyone was unsuccessful in this drop, however. Some users were reportedly able to purchase upwards of 20 horses just on Wave 1. After Wave 1, Zed Run decided to move the time for Waves 2-4 back, and then postponed them indefinitely. Some were reportedly able to still purchase horses from Wave 2.

The new blog post released by Zed Run today provides further insight on the technical difficulties during the drop. However, no further updates were given regarding the next drop other than the Echo Drop is still postponed indefinitely.

Breeding Updates

A one-sentence update for breeding was included in the blog post. Breeding open now has a new target date of July 12th.

Million Dollar Drop

On July 1st, Zed Run will be giving away 6,000 genesis racehorses ranging from Z8 to Z10 to everyone who has a stable and who attempted to join the Echo Drop. A snapshot of these users have already been taken. There is no way for users to make themselves eligible for this drop. The goal of this drop is to enable new users and users who only have a few horses to participate in the game by giving them access to a free one.

The chances for winning a race horse are determined by the following: date of when the stable was created, the size of the stable, and the count of Genesis horses in the stable. The horses for the giveaway will be proportionately distributed as follows:

Proportional Distribution of ZED Run Horses for the Million Dollar Drop Giveaway
Proportional Distribution of ZED Run Horses for the Million Dollar Drop Giveaway

Users do not need to do anything to join the drop. If you win a horse, the horse will automatically appear in your stable on July 1st.

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